Assembly of the Legs - Top Section

Start with 1/2 inch ACX plywood. Using Dave Painters drawings, I cut five wood section. Corners rounded with a 4" radius

After the section were cut, I started wrapping each leg section with the pipe insulation.

I used the smooth insulation with the adhesive. The adhesive helped keep the insulation in place while I stapled the insulation to the plywood

After all section were wrapped, I cut out notched pieces of wood and places them inside the wood sections. This helped "squish" the height of the section to 8 inches.

The wood dividers are just temporary as I'll have to change them when I build the next section of the legs.

I still have to decide on a finish. I will either use liquid latex or Plastic Dip Spray.

Parts list:
  • 1/2 inch ACX plywood
  • 3/4 inch clear pine for inside dividers
  • Armstrong Pipe insulation. Fits 1/2 inch pipe and is 1 5/8 inch thick. Smooth finish. Part number 05812 97289. Purchased at Home Depot

    Cost so far: $60.00
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    1/2 Inch ACX Plywood

    Start wrapping insulation

    Closeup of Insulation

    Completed leg section

    Stacked leg section

    Stacked leg section

    Stacked leg section